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Tropic Star Seafood would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Fresh From Florida Wild Tilapia Program. Our tilapia is harvested locally on the lakes and rivers. We have partnered with large private land owners allowing us to harvest tilapia on pristine, private land in Central Florida and are harvested daily by artisanal fishermen.  Our relationships with our large private land owners allows Tropic Star to harvest large, consistent volumes daily for processing in our Lakeland USDC inspected facility. The environment ourtilapia live in are home to some of Florida's most beautiful, and sometimes rare plants and animals. The landowners implement a thorough wildlife management plan and strive to maintain healthy habitats for the regions unique species. Our “multiple use” philosophy proves that essential food and resources can be produced in harmony with nature and responsible land practices allows for simultaneous management of fish and wildlife that is grown and harvested in a responsible manner. Working close with the landowners and fishermen has allowed us to create a sustainable fishery helping put many people to work every day.


We then process the tilapia by filleting, deep skinning and deboning the fish. It is then runthrough our IQF tunnel freezing the fillet in just minutes. Then it is boxed and stored awaiting shipment to a military base around the world (we are now a Proud vendor for the US Military). With our facility being inspected by the USDC weekly it ensures a grade “A” product.



Product information:

                *    Wild caught                                                *     Artisanal fishermen (cast net)

                 *    USA product                                               *     Daily harvesting  

                 *    No feed                                                      *     USDC inspected facility

                         - no antibiotics                                             

                         - no hormones                         

                         - no STP                                   

                       - NON GMO fish


  • Ozonated water system used during processing