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About Us

Tropic Star Seafood, Inc. is an importer, processor, and wholesale distributor of fresh and frozen seafood products from all around the world.

  • Importer – We are a first receiver of fresh and frozen seafood from around the world.

  • Processor – We process all of our customers’ daily fresh seafood needs. With our large processing capabilities we can accommodate any size or type of order.

  • Wholesale Distributor – With our fleet of 20 refrigerated trucks, we cover the entire state of Florida and also the Midwest United States. Our customers include both food-service establishments and retail grocery chains.

  • Primary Producer- With our local artisanal fishermen unloading their catch daily with have become the primary producer of wild fish from the lakes and rivers in the central Florida area. This includes...
  1. Wild Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus)
  2. Wild Catfish (of all species) 
  3. Wild Hasa (aka "Brown Hoplo" / Hoplosternum Littorale)
  4. Wild Florida Alligator (Alligator Mississippiensis)          
With these all being wild caught there are many attributes that are desirable to the end consumer. All farmed raised fish are fed a feed that has things in it such as antibiotics so they do not get sick. But our Wild caught items live and eat naturally which means there are zero antibiotics, steriods or preservatives.

Our History

Tropic Star Seafood, Inc. was established in Lakeland, Florida in 1993. Our owner Kevin Coats is a seafood expert with over 35 years experience importing and selling seafood. We started out as an importer and distribution center for fresh seafood from Central and South America. Over the past 20 years we’ve grown our facility, brought in North American supplies, enabled processing (including filleting, gutting, deboning, skinning and packing) and boosted our refrigerated truck fleet to increase our distribution range from Florida to the Midwest. Today we are one of Florida's largest seafood-only specialty distributors and the state’s leader in Wild Florida Alligator and Wild Florida Tilapia processing. Now, we are open to the public and you can buy seafood directly from our online retail store.

Aside from importing items from around the world for our food-service establishments and retail grocery chains, we are now a proud vendor for the USA Military. We deal with over 50 local artisanal fishermen who on a daily basis unload their catch of Florida Wild caught Tilapia. In our state of the art facility we have made many additions to ensure a grade ‘A’ product (which every load we ship is inspected by the USDC) .The Tilapia is being processed (filleted, deep skinned and deboned) and the fillet is then ran through our IQF tunnel. Within minutes after entering the tunnel the fillet is frozen, boxed, labeled and stored in our large freezer awaiting shipment to a military base around the world.

Our Mission

Tropic Star Seafood, Inc. strives to provide the highest quality and selection of seafood at a fair and reasonable price. Giving quality and service levels our customers are accustomed to receiving. While recognizing the importance of conservation and maintenance of a healthy environment.

Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility in Lakeland, Florida is strategically located in the center of the state for optimum delivery capabilities. The facility is federally inspected and surveyed with letters of compliance that are always available. Our facility is open for your inspection upon request.

Our Team

People are our biggest asset and with 40 seafood experts at your service, we make a formidable team of responsible seafood professionals. Our areas of expertise include purchasing, sourcing, transportation, sales, customer service, finance, custom processing, and packaging.

At Tropic Star Seafood, Inc., all team members understand that the color and "plate appeal" of seafood are among the most important factors customers demand when choosing who will meet their seafood needs. That’s why we are committed to ensuring all our seafood is properly caught, handled, processed, packaged and shipped to offer the optimal appearance and taste.